Why Webinars Are Great For Marketing

Mar 19, 2020 | Content Marketing

It’s easy to overlook many of the benefits that can come from running webinars in your marketing.

Here are 7 ways you can generate explosive results from using webinars in your marketing!

#1: Marketing Webinars Create Engagement

This is one of the main reasons that businesses start doing webinars in the first place. Webinars are truly unlike anything else. If done right, you can keep your audience engaged for thirty minutes to an hour, and that’s something that you can do with YouTube videos.

Not only that, webinars support engagement! Your audience can ask questions and get real-time feedback. Even better, you can ask your audience questions, send out polls, and tailor your content in real-time to better serve them.

You can get your audience to take action and have some small micro-wins of their own. This translates into sales leads for new clients that can happen within a super short period of time.

#2: Webinars Position You as an Expert in Your Field

It’s a free webinar… Who cares? Well, your audience does. And just because it’s “free” doesn’t mean you’re not exchanging anything for the content.

To attend a webinar, your prospect has to register, put the date in her calendar, set aside time for the event, show up at the right time, and then give you at least an hour of their time.

They’re doing ALL of this just to listen to you talk about a certain subject. This positions you as an expert before you even start teaching the content.

#3: Webinars Help You Make Sales Without Selling Hard

With the right kind of content, your webinars soft-sell your prospects without ever having to “hard close” anybody.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of teaching and THEN selling, when in reality, the best webinars teach AND sell at the same time.

There’s no better way to build a relationship than by giving value first. Generally, the first step in making a sale is related to education. Webinars give us the opportunity to teach our leads and help them understand why our product is valuable in the first place. Webinars will allow your audience to place a name with a face and a voice with a name. They allow you to build personal relationships and have real-time conversations.

Effective webinar content should showcase problems, explain the “why” or “what” the customer is experiencing, and deliver a possible solution.

By the time you make it to the solution (the offer), the prospect should already be interested in learning more. They are ready to buy!

#4: Webinars Empower You to Communicate with Hundreds of People from Anywhere in the World

This is one of the greatest reasons why webinars are epic.

The ability to have a conversation with hundreds of people… virtually, right over the internet. Oh yeah, and did I mention that you never even have to leave the comfort of your computer chair?

It’s no question that having a one-on-one, in-person conversation with a prospect would be the most effective way to sell your services. But is traveling around the world to do one-on-one meetings really plausible?

Maybe… if you’re doing 6, 7, and 8-figure deals. For every other business, the logistics just don’t work.

But doing a remote webinar that allows you to connect with hundreds of people all over the world in a 1-hour timespan? Well, yeah, these logistics make sense.

#5: Webinars Generate Sales Leads

Almost every business is driven by sales. A business with more than enough sales will never struggle to grow.

Unfortunately, most businesses lack high-quality lead-generation campaigns. Webinars are a great way to attract new eyes, generate new sales leads, and ultimately convert new customers.

With webinars, some kind of registration is expected. People are familiar with submitting their name, email, and sometimes other information in order to register for an upcoming webinar event. They’ve highlighted themselves as a lead that is interested in whatever you’re teaching, and they’ve opted in to hear more about it.

The key is what you do after the webinar. A person that isn’t called cannot be converted into a lead. Make sure you call, email and engage each and every person that registers to attend your webinars.

#6: You Can Invite Guests and Leverage Their Audience (And Credibility!)

Bringing on an industry expert will position you as an expert by associating their name with your brand. This will increase overall excitement, attendance rates, and social media sharing.

Guests add flavor to your webinars and generally create more engagement, and can also lead to partnerships for the future.

#7: You Can Speed Up Your Sales Process

Companies live and die by cash flow, especially if you have a bootstrapped company like many small business owners do. The faster you can convert a sales lead into a customer, the better off you’ll be.

Webinars can really help speed up the sales process. Why? Simply because they take all of the initial funnel-steps and merge them together: they let you build trust, deliver value, and kill objections in a small period of time.

Webinars are powerful, and certainly there are a lot more than these reasons to run them. Hopefully this list inspires you to take a chance and use webinars in your

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