A Brand In Progress: Check Out the New Website!

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Sales, Sticky Branding Updates

Your brand is a work in progress, ours too.

Back in February, Sarah and I began working on a new website for Sticky Branding. Batting around ideas, we realized the work of branding never stops! As soon as you finish one website, you’re thinking about the next. The same happens with campaigns and product launches. One milestone is simply that: a marker indicating progress.

Your brand is in a constant state of evolution and growth, and the second you stop working on it is the second it starts to die. Your brand is a work in progress.

The term “Brand In Progress” immediately resonated with Sarah and I, and it became the theme of our new website design: www.StickyBranding.com. (I can’t wait to hear what you think!)

Too many brands are boring and just too “professional.” We wanted to break the fourth wall, and really have a conversation with our visitors.

To express the idea of the “brand in progress” we began playing with the website as partially done. We thought of it as a design prototype, and we marked it up by scratching out some words, placing pictures haphazardly, and having some fun with it.

The website is part of our brand in progress. It’s all leading up to our next major milestone: the launch of Brand New Name. (Available October 2019.)

We’re polishing our service offering, and getting our messaging crystal clear. I want you to know exactly who is Sticky Branding and what we can do for you.

At the same time, we are preparing our brand to receive a whole lot of attention. A book launch is a big deal, and it will be the biggest marketing initiative I have taken on since the launch of Sticky Branding (the book).

Before we hit the gas to promote the new book, we needed to get our website in order. I’d love to hear your feedback on the new website. Do you have any comments or suggestions? Shoot us a note. All feedback is welcome! ?

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