Reboot Strategy for Coming Out of a Crisis

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Crisis Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced small businesses to rethink their marketing plans, both now and into the future.

However, as the economy reopens and revenue has taken a hit you may be asking: How can you pivot and promote your business cost-effectively without breaking the bank?

Our Crisis Marketing program has been helping businesses thrive in the wake of the pandemic.

The program is built for growth minded business owners to look for and launch green shoots of opportunity while building their 2020-2021 marketing strategy.

Relaunch, Reboot, Rebrand

For businesses who remained open during the pandemic, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and effectively promote your businesses’ names and services.

For businesses who were closed during the pandemic but are reopening, you must figure out how to recover the money they have lost over the past three months and keep pushing forward.

For businesses who can reopen but are waiting to do so because of the safety measures required for customer and employee safety, you may have enough savings to wait it out, but at a certain point you need to decide whether or not to reopen. Hibernating is the worst choice right now.

The advertising your business invests in now should be helpful and relevant, and the money you dedicate to rebranding, rebooting and relaunching in a post-COVID-19 world should be part of your strategic plan. In a lot of cases your marketing strategy (especially your website and social media) will carry you through the next 3-6 months, so it is important to be timely, helpful, and consistent.

Crisis Marketing shows you how to recover the money and customers you have lost during the pandemic; how to create the perfect marketing message to relaunch, strategic reboot and rebrand tactics; and ways you can maximize the return on your investment with a diminishing budget.

Within 13 weeks, companies have already recovered 50% of the revenue taken by Covid-19. And it’s only getting better!

By looking ahead and reframing your business strategy, you can proactively create clarity and find “green shoots” of opportunity. Even while the lockdowns are in full effect, we are starting to see new customer trends and new market needs emerge.

The companies that act first and adapt fastest to the needs as the economy slowly reopens have the advantage.

New customer needs are appearing, which is the opportunity for innovation and growth. After coronavirus, today’s needs can become tomorrow’s markets.

What do you want your business and brand to look like at the end of 2020?

Here is the link to our “green shoots” worksheet. I hope this will help get the wheels turning on the new opportunities you can chase as we navigate the opening of the economy and the possibility of a second wave.

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