Free Webinar on How to Stand Out in an Oversaturated World

We are at a crazy turning point. Digital marketing is running out of steam, and we have to rethink how we market our brands.

The data is shocking! 50% of articles being published have no likes, shares, comments, and probably no views. It’s incredibly frustrating. At Sticky Branding, we compared marketing campaigns over the last five years. Today, it is taking 10x the budget to generate 30% of the results.

Let’s dive into the data and talk about solutions: how do you make your marketing stand out in an oversaturated world?

Join Jeremy Miller — president of Sticky Branding and bestselling author — for a live webinar. (It’s free!) You won’t want to miss this conversation. Jeremy will take you through the data, and share practical insights on how to stand out in an oversaturated market. Register today.

What you’ll learn:

  • The epic shift of digital marketing, and what that means to promoting your brand in 2020.
  • How to get your brand messaging razor sharp so everyone gets it, fast.
  • How to create the impression your brand is everywhere, even when you’re feeling lost online.

The Details:

Date & Time: Wednesday, January 15 at 12pm EST (9am PST, 5pm GMT)

Topic: New Year, New Brand: How to Stand Out in an Oversaturated World

Host: Jeremy Miller

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