Sep 4, 2014

Grow A Tattoo Worthy Brand

One of the strangest phenomena in branding is seeing consumers get tattoos of their favorite logos. People love Apple, Harley Davidson, Nike, and Gucci so much they’re willing to permanently ink the brand on their body.

Would you get a tattoo of a company logo? I know I wouldn’t. I find the idea simply ridiculous.

But from a branding context, wow! You have to grow a pretty remarkable brand to make it tattoo worthy. The brand has to stand for something, and achieve a deep, personal connection with your customers.

Create a human connection

A tattoo worthy brand may be the pinnacle of consumerism, but there’s a deeper idea here.

Companies achieve a powerful competitive advantage when they connect with their customers at a personal and human level. The relationship shifts the brand from “just another service provider” to the “first choice.”

It’s the human connection that makes the brand so sticky.

There’s always a cheaper alternative, but we naturally gravitate towards products, services, and companies that we identify with at a human level.

The brand is a symbol

You don’t have to have a stunning logo to make your brand tattoo worthy.

The logo doesn’t make a brand tattoo worthy. The logo is just a symbol. But that symbol is packed with meaning.

Tattoo worthy brands are very purposeful in distilling their values and beliefs, and baking them into the fabric of their company. A BMW is more than a car, it’s a symbol. And so too is a Harley Davidson, a Macbook, or Toms Shoes.

These brands connect with people, because they stand for something.

Connect with a Point of Sharing

Tattoo worthy brands are not all luxury brands. You don’t have to be a status symbol to foster a deep connection with your customers.

We connect with companies when there’s a Point of Sharing. This could be a shared value, shared experience, or a shared interest. The Point of Sharing is the connective glue that links a brand with a consumer. It’s what they have in common.

What does your company believe deeply? What are you passionate about? Do your customers share in your values and beliefs?

To grow a tattoo worthy brand you are looking for a bond between what you believe and what your customers believe. When your brand stands for something that your customers identify with it will elevate it and make it remarkable.

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