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Sep 16, 2014 | Brand Differentiation

It’s one thing to commit to growing an incredible brand, but if your customers can’t see it they won’t believe it.

Sticky brands are visual brands. You can see the difference.

Every incredible brand has a strong visual quality. Sticky brands pay a lot of attention to their visual identity, and create optically engaging experiences for their customers.

We respond to physical attraction

In the late seventies Dr. Shelly Chaiken, a researcher and expert in persuasion, ran a fascinating experiment. She recruited a group of students at the University of Massachusetts to persuade their fellow students to petition the university to ban the sale of meat products on campus.

As you can imagine, banning the sale of meat in the seventies was a pretty audacious request. Vegetarianism was not widely accepted, or even acknowledged, at the time.

What’s fascinating about the study is not the request, but the approach. The students recruited into the study were divided into two groups: presenters of high physical appeal, and presenters of low physical appeal. The hots, and the not-so-hots.

Dr. Chaiken proved humans are influenced by attractive people. The students who received the message from an attractive presenter were more inclined to agree that meat shouldn’t be sold on campus than the students who heard it from the unattractive presenter.

We judge with our eyes

Sight is the most important human sense for evaluating brands and making purchase decisions.

We are bombarded with visual stimuli.

In our technology driven society we rely on our sense of sight above all our other senses. Our sense of taste, touch, and smell do not play a major role in most of our purchases, because we cannot rely on those senses.

As a result, we naturally gravitate towards companies that deliver a better visual experience.

Make your brand visually better

The importance of creating an attractive brand has never been more important.

We are glued to our smartphones, tablets, and computers. We find information on Google, and get directed to websites. In ten seconds or less you will make a snap judgment on a website based on its visual appeal.

Look at every touchpoint your customers can engage with your business and brand, and assess your brand’s visual appeal. Are you engaging your customers’ eyes? Is your brand hot?

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