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Apr 6, 2021 | Sticky Branding Updates

I’d like to introduce you to Sarah Young.

Sarah is a Strategy Coach and author at Sticky Branding. She guides companies to create and implement marketing strategies that move the sales needle.

Sarah has worked with some of the best brands in the world developing their social media and brand strategies. She’s scaled Instagram followings from zero to hundreds of thousands of followers, and transformed brands to drive sales.

The best way to understand what Sarah and I do is we are Strategy Coaches.

Our approach to working with clients is simple: “in it together, working together” to achieve your objectives. We are experts in branding and growth strategies, and our measure of success is increased sales.

Empowerment = Performance

What sets Sarah apart as a coach is her ability to grow a brand from the inside out. But what matters most to her is to empower people to reach their full potential.

She says, “When you empower your employees with clear goals and the opportunities to grow and iterate, they will rise up and sales will come naturally.”

She works with our clients to translate strategy so that all levels of the organization can execute on it.

Check out her latest ebook, Empowerment = Performance.

Branding Principles for Sales Performance

Sarah and I work together with each client as a coaching team. We apply a proven strategy framework to guide our clients through the brand building process.

This includes three accelerators:

  • Sales Accelerator: Develop brand messaging that provokes a customer to buy.
  • Marketing Accelerator: Amplify your marketing so you deliver the right message to the right buyer with a clear call to action.
  • Brand Accelerator: Develop a brand strategy to position your brand as the first choice in your industry.

The process delivers rapid results. For instance, Learngistics generated over $100,000 in new revenue in the first ten weeks working with Sticky Branding.

What Clients Say About Sarah

The coolest part of writing this post was reaching out to our clients to ask, “Would you share a few words on how Sarah has helped you?”

Here’s what some of our clients had to say:

“Working with Sarah has allowed us to work and brainstorm with someone who has a very sharp mind for marketing. Our business is extremely targeted, Sarah has consistently offered solutions, suggestions, and recommendations that accommodate our needs. She has always brought a new point of view to the problems that we face and a consistent problem-solving attitude. I think she would help solve any business problem she was placed in.” -Thomas Thorsteinson, Cascadia Motivation.

“Sarah has been a fundamental support for successfully implementing and surpassing the expected results through her advice and support. She has helped me land various projects and ideas, and recommended valuable tools to increase efficiency and quality. It is a pleasure to have her as part of the team.” -Xavier Sanchez, Fruitland Manufacturing.

“Working with Sarah has been a fantastic experience! Her wealth of knowledge and practical advice always makes getting started on complicated projects feel simple and easy to understand. She has been a great support as Wealth Stewards continues to evolve our marketing efforts.” -Shelby Cockhill, Wealth Stewards.

“I love working with Sarah. She is very supportive and keeps me on track. Without Sarah I’d likely still be talking about writing content for our new website, but thanks to her efforts I’ve been able to get everything written and to our designer.” -Louis Trahan, Learngistics.

Are You Ready?

Are you looking to grow your brand to the next level? Sarah and I will be taking on 3 new clients. If you’re interested contact us. Let’s find a time to chat!

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