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Jun 8, 2021 | Sticky Branding Updates

This fall Sarah and I are launching a Sticky Branding podcast, and we are looking for stories.

There are lots of podcasts from authors and speakers, but what we feel is missing is real, boots-on-the-ground stories from business owners and CEOs of small- and mid-sized companies.

When I wrote Sticky Branding (the book) I profiled 150 companies from around the world. This was based on the idea of shared experiences: You gain insights from your peers that you cannot gain anywhere else.

Several years ago my friend and CEO of Quartet Service, Rob Bracey said, “I don’t listen to consultants like I do other CEOs. When I hear the CEO of another firm speak, I listen. I try to figure out where they’re coming from, and try to walk a mile in their shoes.”

He continued, “I don’t hear consultants the same way. They say some really smart stuff, but it doesn’t resonate as well. They are not my peers.”

Learning from your peers is the basic premise for the Sticky Branding podcast.

Our initial focus is to capture and share Comeback Stories. These can be stories of innovation, recovery, teamwork, and strategy.

  • How is your company bouncing back?
  • How did the pandemic impact your business?
  • What did you learn from the experience?

Would you like to share your story? Do you have a suggestion or referral of another company that is kick-ass? Send Sarah an email and ask to join our podcast. We will start interviews in late June.

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