Speak Up. Let Your Personality Out

by | Nov 2, 2010 | Brand Differentiation

Content fuels the Web. It’s what your customers experience online, and what brings your brand to life. Your articles, your videos, your tweet all come together and provide a sense of who you are and what it’s like to work with your company.

Here’s the question: does your content clearly convey who you are? Does it demonstrate your brand? I’m not asking if your content is accurate or professional. I’m asking if your content conveys your company’s interests, expertise and personality.

Be bold. Be authentic

We want to know the real you. Not the pent-up, must be “professional,” boring you. The real you.

Some of the best corporate content is the zaniest. One of my favorites is Blendtec’s YouTube videos, Will It Blend? Every episode Tom Dickson, the founder of Blendtec, asks, “Will it blend? That is the question.” He then proceeds to pulverize household items like golf balls, iPhones and iPads.

As you watch the episode you get a real sense of Blendtec’s personality. They’re a little cheesy and a little irreverent, but it’s also clear they know their product is remarkable. They engage their audience head on while never mentioning the virtues of their blenders. No comments on speed, horsepower, warranty, nothing. They don’t need to.

What’s your Point of View?

Blendtec creates a first call advantage, because their content is highly entertaining and highly portable. Close to 10 million people have watched Dickson pulverize an iPad. Dickson is breaking down barriers and engaging buyers and non-buyers alike.

We can all take a page from Tom Dickson. Dickson makes Blendtec stands out, because he shows us the character behind the organization.

Every company has a personality. The key is to draw it out, and share it with the world. You don’t need an über powerful blender or a sexy consumer electronic to engage a large audience. You just have to take a stand, and create content that is true to your personality and values.

It’s really hard to differentiate your company on product or price, but your personality and values will always set you apart. What does your company value? What do you talk to prospects and customers about in general conversation? What’s your opinion? These questions will lead you to your point of view. Define your point of view, and make it a key aspect of your brand. That’s the stuff that makes you interesting.

What’s your take? Does personality sell?

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