Sticky Branding Book Reviews

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Sticky Branding Updates

Sticky Branding Book Reviews

Rick Spence, Financial Post: “Transform a boring company into a knockout brand with this strategy … Believe it or not, your first job is simplicity itself: Establish clarity. Identify the basics of how you create value, and whom you do it for.”
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Stripe Demarest: “Before you pour time and energy into your 2015 marketing plan, I strongly recommend Sticky Branding. If you’ve already got your plan? Read it anyway. You’ll find plenty to apply along the way.”
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Gail Martin: “What I enjoyed most about the book is the thoughtful and helpful addition of practical exercises at the end of each chapter. These are worth the price of the book alone. Use them to create your own winning playbook, and you just might find you’ve created, or helped someone else to create, another Sticky Brand.”
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Scott Franklin, Small Biz Trends:Sticky Branding offers small to medium-sized business a guide to refining their brand for better success. The objective is to create a brand that attracts customers without strenuous effort.”
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Jari Rouas:Sticky Branding is a playbook that shows the steps in the process … and how to take ongoing temperature checks so brands sustain competitive advantage.”
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Shobha Ponnappa: “From the very first page of the introduction to the very last page, the book comes across as an authentic first-person account and a 360-degree view of what real practical value-based brand-building is about.”
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Paul Copcutt: “If [your brand is] not that orange tree, then you need to pick this book up sooner rather than later.”
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Judi Walsh: “Engaged me in a thinking and building process rather than entertaining me with stories of instant success or quick fixes.”
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Gary Kulberg: “If you’re trying to brand an organization, this is the ‘how to’ book you should read … this book is chock full of concise, real world, step-by-step information, written in down to earth language.”
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Jim Murray: “What Jeremy has done with this book, (in my humble opinion) and maybe he doesn’t realize it himself, is create a modern seminal branding/marketing guidebook to the world we are living in now. That is to say this book is every bit as educational as it is engaging.”
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Chris Wechner: “Reading this book will make you smarter.  If you have a business and want to make money, buy and read this book.”
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Leo Tintinalli: “Consider Sticky Branding to be an essential marketing tool to help you build your own sticky brand. Use it daily to keep you focused on building stickiness for your brand.”
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Jennifer Young: “Jeremy gives lots of advice, guidance and worksheets – it might seem overwhelming … but Jeremy takes you by the hand and guides you through your journey.”
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Darren Ingram: “Attraction equates potential revenue, profit and growth. Interweaved with the author’s advice are details of his own experiences in transforming a business.”
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Quotes & Blurbs on Sticky Branding

“This book is no academic tome written for big business. Jeremy Miller shows entrepreneurs how to succeed because he’s done it himself in his own company.”
– David Meerman Scott, marketing strategist and author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“Every business has a brand — the only question is whether it’s an intentional one. Sticky Branding will show you how to create a brand that attracts loyal, life-long customers.”
– John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing and Duct Tape Selling

“In his engaging book, Sticky Branding, Jeremy Miller skillfully and concisely demystifies branding and draws a clear, easy to follow map to navigate your way to business success.”
– Tom Asacker, author of The Business of Belief

“Take your company through Jeremy Miller’s dozen or so Principles and you’ll have customers flocking to your storefront, whether virtual or real. Sticky Branding is perfect for you if you’re trying to figure out your brand in an information-saturated age.”
– Dr. Nick Morgan, author of Power Cues and Give Your Speech, Change the World

Sticky Branding by Jeremy Miller is the new playbook for branding.”
– Shari Gibbons, Chief Marketing Officer at Woodbury College

“A definite must read for anyone who wants to make a significant impact in their respective industry and build a brand.”
– Gregoire James, CEO of Generacycle

“The sub-title is ridiculously compelling. ‘12.5’ pretty much guarantees you have my attention.”
– Stripe Demarest, Global Marketing Communications Strategist

“Surpassed my expectations by a country mile!”
– Robert Wright, Brand Strategist

“I’ve been in sales for 25 years and this book has inspired me with new clear and realistic methods to grow my business to a new level.”
– Larry Shaffer, President of LJ Shaffer Agency

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