What Makes An Iconic Logo

May 24, 2016 | Brand Differentiation

A logo is the visual embodiment of your brand. It’s a beacon that draws people to your products and services.

This weekend I drove to Ohio to attend my brother’s wedding. It was an 8 hour trek from my home in Toronto, and along the way I saw countless logos. But the one that called to me was McDonald’s Golden Arches.

I might have craved a Starbucks, but that brand was nowhere insight. I could see the Golden Arches from miles away, and it was a happy sign when I needed a quick rest stop and a coffee.

An iconic logo — like the Golden Arches — has five core elements.


Iconic logos are stunning in their simplicity. They aren’t complex images with layers and flares. They encapsulate the brand by reducing it to its essence.

Iconic Logos


An iconic logo tells a story. With a just a picture you understand the brand and what it represents.

Iconic Logos


It takes more than great design to make a logo iconic. You have to see it again and again before it can become a symbol.

Iconic Logos


Many logos are attractive, but few are truly distinct. When you see it you know it. Nothing else looks like the brand, and that makes it stand out against the competition.

Iconic Logos


Don’t tinker. Companies want to stay hip and current, and they play with their logos. If you want an iconic logo commit to it. Iconic logos get better with age.

Iconic Logos

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