Your Business Card Is Your Brand

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Brand Differentiation

Every day millions of business people exchange business cards. And every day millions of business cards land in the recycling bin.

It’s not unexpected. A business card is a simple tool for exchanging contact details. It doesn’t have to be creative or expensive. It just has to be clear … at least that’s the common logic.

Business cards that are functional, but unimpressive are not doing their job. A business card is an opportunity to make a memorable first impression.

Marc Levack, CEO of Primo Cards says, “If you’re going to have a brand, then you want a business card that is representative of that.”

Make your brand visibly different

Business cards are a perfect opportunity to demonstrate what makes your company unique.

“The business card is your own personal album cover,” continues Marc. “It’s your way to demonstrate how your company is unique. This could be in how colorful you go, how cutting edge you go, or the quality of the card you’re presenting.”

What is your business known for? Quality, service, creativity, design, stability? These qualities can be easily transferred to your business cards through design, colors, printing techniques and cardstock.

For example, Jackman’s card jumps off my desk. The design is simple, but the colors are bold.

These cards landed in my “keep it” pile. They demonstrate a firm with bold ideas, and the ability to push convention.

Spend a few more dollars

You can buy a box of business cards for peanuts, but what does that say about your company and the brand you are presenting?

Marc argues, “In this digital age you don’t have much to show about your brand other than a business card. So you want people to keep it, and remember you by it.”

Cheap, flimsy cards do make a statement, but it’s probably not the statement you’re striving for. It doesn’t take a lot of money to create memorable business card. $100 to $250 for a box of cards can be the difference between something your customers keep, and something they throw away.

Choose to be different

Companies that value their brands invest in their image.

“There’s a certain group of people who have a desire to be different. It doesn’t mean they choose business cards that are more expensive. They choose cards to present their brand in a way that’s unique,” says Marc.

A well crafted business card is an ideal opportunity to differentiate your brand. Hand out business cards you are proud of. Hand out cards that say something about your company. Hand out business cards that your customers will keep.

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