Everyone gets a book!

Give your audience the branding playbooks!

This is a killer deal! Have Jeremy Miller speak at your next event, and you will get his branding books for free!

So Here’s The Deal

It’s easier than you think!

Every talk is bundled with 100 copies of Jeremy’s bestselling branding book, Brand New Name. That’s right. Free!

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Is Jeremy Good?


Heck yeah!

“Jeremy is one of those speakers you love to listen to. His presentation is bursting with energy and valuable ideas and examples that left our audience inspired.”



–Michelle Ribout, Director, Events at Retail Council of Canada

I’ve Got Questions

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What is Jeremy’s availability?
Let’s check! Complete the form above, and we’ll compare calendars.

Are there any hidden fees?
We can’t avoid the tax man, but death and taxes are a given. Additional costs include shipping, and of course Jeremy’s speaking fee and travel expenses.

What do I do with 100 books?
You can read them. Share them. Sell them. Bundle them into your event. Make a book fort. Balance a table. So many options! We’ve found the best option is to bundle the book in the ticket price of your event. Everyone who attends gets a book. These are great events!

Is this a good deal?
Oh yeah! It’s awesome. The value of this deal is $1,995. You’re getting a huge bargain!

I don’t need 100 books. Can I take less?
Of course! Take what you need.

Can I get more than 100 books?
Yes! We offer volume discounts on purchases over 100 books, and will be happy to work with you to make sure everyone gets a book.

How Do I Get Started?

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