Success Stories

At Sticky Branding, we work with some pretty remarkable companies. See how other businesses have benefited from our services.

Learngistics lost 90% of its revenue due to the pandemic. Louis Trahan, founder of Learngistics said, “We had a choice: fight or close. We chose to fight.”

“Working with Sticky Branding, we generated over $100,000 in new revenue in the first ten weeks. Within seven months we were back to breakeven, and the company returned to profitability in ten months — all with services we did not deliver before the pandemic.”

Louis Trahan

Central Smith has grown into Canada’s #1 co-packer of frozen desserts.

“It’s probably the most valuable time you get to work on your company, because you get to really learn who you are and what you do and your purpose and your why,” says Jenn Scates, Vice President of Central Smith.

Jennifer Scates
Vice President

Fruitland is the global leader of mobile vacuum pumps. Through the pandemic, Fruitland has captured market share and positioned itself as the most durable pumps in the industry

Chris White, CEO of Fruitland Manufacturing said, “Sticky Branding has been instrumental in opening up a whole new awareness of how effective marketing can be. We’ve seen opportunities open up to us that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.”

Chris White

Foresight Sports Canada is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Foresight Sports golf simulators and launch monitors.

Aaron Hardy, CEO of Foresight Sports Canada said, “I started working with Jeremy and the Sticky Branding team in 2018. We were $1.7 million in revenue that year. Every year we have more than doubled the business. And in 2020 we surpassed $12.5 million in revenue.”

“Sticky Branding has worked along me every step of the way — from building my team to advising on our marketing and strategy.”

Aaron Hardy

TBo is a men’s boxers, trunks and briefs clothing company. You’re getting the world’s most comfortable everyday men’s underwear, co-created by thousands of guys like you.

Roy Bernheim, co-founder of TBo said, “I would recommend working with Jeremy and Sticky branding to anyone who wants to leap forward in the way they think about their brand.”

We worked with Jeremy to not only crystallize our simple clarity statement but to make our entire brand and business cohesive in itself. In a very enjoyable way, Jeremy helped push us to think about our brand and business model in new ways, formulate concise statements and implement those within a matter of weeks.

“Jeremy is a true brand expert and coach. Working with him, we always felt like he is part of the team and that we’re always working together to achieve the same goal. We achieved in a short amount of time, what we had been thinking of doing for over a year.”

Roy Bernheim

Cascadia Motivation is a leading provider of loyalty rewards programs and incentive travel. They create and implement one-of-a-kind events — from concerts in front of the Egyptian pyramids to racing cars in Monaco to countless other destinations.

Randy Thorsteinson, COO of Cascadia Motivation said, “Working with Jeremy at Sticky Branding has been very successful. With the variety of clients that Sticky Branding has it allows us to learn of fresh ideas from a wide variety of industries. I have found that we have been able to take different elements of successful marketing programs, combine them and create a unique Cascadia Motivation take on it. It keeps us fresh, with a focused and successful message.”

Randy Thorsteinson

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