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Naming Resources

Dictionaries |
A simple, easy-to-navigate dictionary.

Merriam-Webster |
The granddaddy of dictionaries, which includes pronunciations and first known uses.

OneLook Dictionary |
The dictionary of dictionaries that combines results from multiple sources.

Sideways Dictionary |
A dictionary of technology terms.

Thesauruses |
The sister site to Easy to search and discover words.

OneLook Thesaurus |
A powerful thesaurus, which will help you generate lists of loosely related words.

Moby |
A thesaurus into the unusual. It is a reference full of unusual word relationships.

Play with Words

RhymeZone |
A rhyming dictionary. It’s never been so easy to play with words.

Etymology Online |
The etymology and history of English words.


Google Translate |
An easy-to-use tool to browse foreign-language translations.

Linguee |
A valuable translation dictionary with over 1 million reliable translations. 

Avoid Bad Words

Word Safety |
Search across multiple languages to ensure your name isn’t in offensive in a foreign language.

Urban Dictionary |
A goldmine of slang and bad words. Find out if your name means something inappropriate.

Green’s Dictionary of Slang |
Similar to Urban Dictionary, you can search for slang terms and what different phrases might mean.


WIPO Global Brand Database |
Search trademarks across international jurisdictions.

Justia Trademarks |
A free search tool for United States trademarks.

TESS: Trademark Electronic Search System |
The United States Patent and Trademark Office’s official trademark search tool.

Canadian Trademarks Database |
The Government of Canada’s office trademark search tool.

Markify |
A paid trademark search engine. It delivers more sophisticated tools than free offerings.

Domains, Apps, and Social Media

Panabee |
Search for domain names, app names, and company names all at once.

I Want My Name |
A powerful domain search engine to view a name’s availability across multiple top-level domains.

Domain Maker |
A useful wizard for generating available domain names based on descriptors of or words associated with your core brand name.

KnowEm |
Check to see if your brand name is available as a vanity URL on over 500 popular social networking sites.