Strategy Coach

Do work you love with dynamic people to make a massive impact.

Sticky Branding consultants are among the world’s elite strategy coaches. What sets us apart is our ability to dramatically improve a company’s sales performance to drive growth. Our philosophy is if your company’s brand doesn’t sell, it’s not working.

The way you achieve that is with the strength of our proprietary system — the Slingshot Strategy. It is a proven, step-by-step branding and growth strategy. We will train you, so that you can work with clients to create brand messaging that provokes their customers to buy; develop marketing strategies to generate sales-ready leads; and position and differentiate their brand as the leader in their category.

Are you up for the challenge?

Is This You?

  • You’re an entrepreneurial sales leader. You’ve operated your own business, or you’ve been a key player in growing a company, or you’ve been coaching and consulting clients in business strategy and marketing.
  • You are sales driven. You geek out on how to improve sales, marketing and branding to move the sales needle.
  • You are a lifelong learner. You devour books and ideas, and you’re continually looking for new ways to improve.
  • You love the game of business. You see beyond sales and marketing to how all the parts of the business work together to grow a brand.
  • You build up others. You gain satisfaction and joy from assisting others in their success and achieving their goals.
  • You’re a strategist. You see the gaps and opportunities in business and can articulate them so others can act on them. Solving puzzles — in business, sales and marketing — is what you do.
  • You are an effective coach and facilitator. You are skilled at helping others achieve their full potential, and lead them to implement new systems and ideas to create positive change.
  • You are independent and flexible. You thrive on flexibility — in-person and in remote work environments — with the freedom to manage client relationships to drive results using your unique skills and abilities.

How We Work

At Sticky Branding, we have a simple approach: we’re in it together, working together to achieve our clients’ objectives. Working in 90 day sprints, you will guide leadership teams to implement a Slingshot Strategy in their business. This includes:

  • Weekly Huddle: Strategy is a process, not an event. In weekly, one hour strategy sessions you guide the clients’ team to develop a strategy and put it into action.
  • On-going Coaching: In between sessions you provide coaching and support to help the clients achieve their goals.
  • A Strategy Coach works with 4 to 9 on-going clients. Our goal is to grow “forever clients,” but we are performance oriented.
  • Constant input and development of our systems, best practices and approach to continually improve as a team of Strategy Coaches.
  • Become a Certified Sticky Branding Strategy Coach and master all of our tools and methodology.

This is some of the most rewarding consulting and coaching work you can do. If you believe you’d be a fit, we want to hear from you.

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