Your brand won’t survive the coronavirus crisis if it’s perceived as opportunistic or icky, but it will thrive if it’s perceived as helpful!

Crisis Marketing is a free ebook. You will learn how to gain control of your business by being fast, proactive, and helpful. This guide shows you how to reframe your value proposition to find new customers and sources of revenue taken by Covid-19.

The book helps you develop a strategy by asking three questions:

  1. Who needs my company and its expertise the most right now?
  2. What products or services can we deliver to solve real problems that are valued?
  3. How can we proactively sell and deliver our services to the people who need them most?

When you look for ways to be generous and helpful, you will start to see opportunities that didn’t exist before the coronavirus. More importantly, these questions give you freedom to innovate and promote your brand.

Your customers need you and your company more than ever! By being truly helpful, you will not only discover opportunities to generate revenue and cash; you will discover this pandemic has created one of the greatest entrepreneurial opportunities of our lifetime.

The book shares lessons from the first four months of the pandemic. It delivers real, practical advice with case studies from companies that have already bounced back.