Strategy Execution: Strategy Without Action Is Just Dreaming

Jun 15, 2021 | Slingshot Strategy

Strategy without action is just dreaming. And so much of what goes on in branding and marketing are just dreams.

Marketers and entrepreneurs can have brilliant ideas for their brands or campaigns, but without the work it’s all rather meaningless.

Ideas that aren’t acted on aren’t going to grow your brand.

It’s no accident why some companies have better brands than others. The companies that have the most iconic brands are the best executors. They take ideas and they make them happen!

For instance, it took Tesla 168 working days to set up the Shanghai Gigafactory. This was from permits to a finished plant, and it is 9,300,000 sq ft with 2,000 employees. That’s unheard of. Under the best of circumstances, it takes 2 years to build a factory, and I guarantee it’s not as big or complex as the Shanghai Gigafactory.

Your company has greater capacity to execute than you may recognize. The early days of the pandemic proved it: days felt like weeks and weeks felt like months, but a lot of stuff got done. Companies were more productive and achieved more in a very short period of time.

The same lessons are equally important today. The companies that act fast and adapt fastest have the advantage.

Strategy is a process, not an event. The more frequently you can work on your strategy and put ideas into action the faster you can grow.

As a best practice, we recommend implementing a weekly strategy huddle. By making strategy a weekly practice, you emphasize strategy execution. You can’t hide behind missed deliverables and unexecuted ideas if you’re talking about them each week.

It’s in the work you do that results are achieved.

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