Building a Community-Led Brand — Interview with Allan Perrottet, Co-Founder of T-Bô Menswear

The repeat purchase rates of most direct-to-consumer brands is abysmal. According to Allan Perrottet, “The average repeat order rate for DTC brands is 11% over an entire lifetime. At T-Bô we have a 30% repeat order rate within 90 days!”

The secret to T-Bô’s success is co-creation. T-Bô is the first community-led menswear brand. It has a community of over 400,000 men creating the most comfortable and functional clothing they want to wear and buy.

Allan Perrottet comes on the Sticky Branding podcast to share T-Bô’s story. He gives loads of marketing and advertising tips to grow your brand.

Allan Perrottet is the co-founder and CTO of T-Bô Menswear. Allan is a Swiss native that grew up in Gumefens, in the French-speaking part. A mutual friend connected Allan with Roy Bernheim in 2017, and the two set out on a journey to transform the fashion industry. Allan brings together his expertise in technology, digital marketing, and fashion to grow T-Bô into an iconic brand.

In This Episode:

  • Allan Perrottet says, direct-to-consumer brands are very reliant on paid media. It’s too expensive and unsustainable. T-Bô chose to grow its business with community.
  • The power of co-creation for product development, sales, and customer engagement.
  • How to give your customers and prospects the ability to provide feedback on your products.
  • How to use community to grow your brand and create loyal customers that come back again and again.
  • The importance of taking time to understand your customer, and how to use data to scale your business.
Jeremy Miller

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