New Keynote: Dealing With Disruption

Sep 27, 2016 | Branding Strategies

We are living and working in a world of rapid change. And we know it.

We can feel the world shifting, and we can see it. There are disruptive companies like Uber and Airbnb, and disruptive technologies like 3D printing and artificial intelligence. The signs of change are everywhere.

It’s a steady drum beat: change, change, change. But so what? Change is a fact of life. Why is this topic garnering so much attention? Change matters, because there are winners and losers.

This is an important topic, and the focus of my new keynote presentation: Dealing With Disruption – How to Win When the Rules Keep Changing.

What the Talk Is About

Chances are your business will be on the receiving end of a disruption. In fact, you’ll probably face multiple disruptions.

Disruptions are problematic, because they create winners and losers. Some companies are able to innovate and adapt, while others become obsolete. It’s a matter of relevance. Changes in your marketplace will challenge the very relevance of your brand.

Do you have the ability to adapt and win?

In this interactive keynote, I provide a framework on how to win when the rules keep changing. I show you how successful people and companies are out innovating the competition, and what it takes to win right now.

This is a talk you won’t want to miss. It’s funny, insightful, and incredibly practical. You will gain ideas that you can apply to your business right away.

Formats & Audience

Dealing With Disruption hits on universal themes that all companies are facing, and I work tirelessly to customize the talk for each and every event.

The talk is available in two formats:

  • 1 Hour Keynote. This is an interactive keynote. The talk is 45 minutes, and I incorporate 15 minutes of table talks and Q&A.
  • 20 Minute “TED Talk.” Dealing With Disruption is available in a TED-style talk. It’s a fast, fun, action-oriented talk.

Dealing With Disruption is ideal for sales conferences, management and leadership retreats, and for keynote sessions at conferences and association events.

Further Reading

I have been researching and developing this talk for over a year. Check out a few popular articles on the topic:

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Let’s Work Together

Would you like to have me speak at your company or event?

I am always happy to chat. Give me a call at 416.479.4403, or fill out the Contact Us form and I will reach out to you.

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